Rapid Transformational Therapy


Rapid Transformational Therapy is a unique, groundbreaking, revolutionary, effective and proven method, that deals with the root cause of issues and brings about long-lasting results and improvement in the quality of life.

This happens as you are regressed back to the cause of your limiting beliefs and you get to understand why you think and behave the way you do. From there, you are able to ‘heal’ or ‘cure’ your struggles and issues at a faster pace and obtain rapid results.

RTT is also called the Marisa Peer method, and it  works especially well with people who long for life enjoyment free from emotional and physical pain.

If anything has negatively affected your life, Rapid Transformational Therapy brings about immediate results in a session that might last between 90 to 150 minutes. Although you might need up to three sessions, it depends on your particular needs

RTT empowers you to life the life you've always dreamt of.

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Transformational Therapy For You


Transformational Therapy 

Transformational Therapy is a therapeutic method incorporating strategies, tools, and techniques, that facilitates desired or necessary changes. Such desired changes frequently regard the way a client sees himself and how the client deals with emotions.

Most transformations involve positive changes in self-esteem, self-image, self-perception, changes in confidence regarding self-limitations, decrease in frustrations, success in behavior management (such as, control over short temper), decrease in guilt (such as, guilt in working mothers or guilt regarding eating), controlling phobias (such as, fear of flying, fear of heights, and fear of abandonment), increased control over depressive symptoms (such as, sadness and lack of motivation), decrease in anxiety (such as nail biting or insomnia), decrease in insecurities (such as, fear of public speaking and fear of taking exams), and much more.

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Therapy or Coaching? What's the difference?


Coaching is a methodology.

Therapy is a practice.

A Therapist with adequate training can work as a coach, but a coach with training in pure Coaching can’t work or act as a Psychologist or Therapist. 

Coaching is a methodology to be applied by a professional already trained in a specific area.

In having said that, my practice is transformational and holistic because I hold a degree in Psychology, I am Certified in Positive Psychology, in Rapid Transformational Therapy, in Hipnotherapy, I hold Coaching Certifications, I am a Certified Teacher, and I am a Certified Specialist in Behavioral Management.

Once we get to talk, together we evaluate if your need would fit into Therapy or into Coaching.

Moreover, I will let you know shall you need the support from a clinical Psychologist or from a Psychiatrist, which I am not. Your wellbeing is always a priority and my professional practice is based primarily in ethics and respect.

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About Tania Wolf


Hi there, welcome to my professional platform, I am honored that you are here and it's a priviledge introducing myself to you.

I am Tania Wolf. 

I'm a Transformational Therapist and Hypnotherapist for Positive Transformations through understanding and healing of emotional pain. 

I am a dedicated therapist and Coach and I commit to supporting you in facing your personal challenges so that you might obtain positive results as fast as possible. 

I believe that life passes by fast and when you get to untangle emotional knots you live a more fulfilling life - I've been there! 

And after being able to understand what was holding me back and feeling ready to unchain myself from the past, I've started living a life which is amazing to me.

I have been an expat for over a decade and I have faced very hard personal challenges such as identity lost and culture shock. 

My experiences taught me to tailor my practice in respect and ethics.

I believe that everyone regardless of location, wants to be genuinely happy, needs and wants to be heard and wants to enjoy life. 

And also, most people deal with invisible fears and difficult challenges in silence.

It fascinates me serving my clients to the best of my abilities and witness them transforming themselves and their lives. 

Focusing on your own world through different perspectives is essential for your growth.

Living a perfect life is utopia, but yes, it is very much possible to live an awesome life! 

Happiness has a personal connotation and what makes one happy, might very well make the other one miserable. 

This is why getting to develop self-awareness and a healthy self-relationship through understanding of the root cause of your suffering is so important.

I've experienced many transformational moments in my journey and faced many struggles too, I've battled anxiety and depression, I fought guilt in my role as a mother and faced difficulties in adapting to situations. I certainly DID NOT FEEL ENOUGH and believed that my personal skills and abilities were scarce. 

I used to compare myself to others and I felt sad and inadequate. 

When I understood what was going on within myself, I was transformed for life!

From there, I studied and prepared myself to support others in a loving and competent manner. I've studied many fields such as Positive Psychology, Behaviour Management, Coaching, Transformational Therapy, Hypnotherapy and the list goes on. I learned to adapt tools, supporting others in implement changes, make use of a wide variety of strategies and apply techniques to better support you in dealing with problems.


My Purpose & My Philosophy


My Purpose

I am dedicated to supporting you in transforming into your true self and manifesting your new version of yourself.

We are all so different and it fascinates me unlocking the uniqueness of each person I have the honor to work with. 

If each one is a master of own feelings and own life, what to wait for?

Time and life do not wait. So, stop waiting for the right time in life. Time is not waiting for you. Neither is your life changing for the better if you don't take control and decide enough is enough. Do your share.

My Philosophy

Transforming and overcoming life challenges through therapeutic support is about making mindful and clever choices.

I believe in the importance of finding personal balance and alignment between time-life-mind.

First. we were given life. 

Then, time to live it. 

And lastly, we are given daily choices on how to make the most of life.

Time is a precious commodity and perhaps the biggest humanity commonality. 

Everyone, regardless of location, religion, or ethnicity, have the same twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 

This is why Transformatinal processes are so valuable, when you transform your beliefs, you trasnform your life for the better.


The moment you were born, a unique world of feelings, perceptions, interpretations and manifestations was born too. It is your unique world! The planet we share is made up of billions of individual worlds that reveal themselves in distinct ways, just like each fingerprint. This is why only you are capable of finding the precise root cause of your issues and together we transform you life for the better and you start living an amazing life.

Love in its purest form translates acceptance, compassion, and kindness. Through love it is possible to find understanding, meaning, true connections, and appreciation of many aspects of life. 

Once your heart feels at peace, when you understand the false beliefs someone taught you and made you believe, when you free yourself from suffering and dedicate to healing it, your world becomes lighter, truer, and free of complications (in spite of challenges).

I believe that interaction with time is as much of a unique and exclusive experience as our interaction with life (in spite of global standards of hours and calendars).

Only you can enjoy your time and your days.

Only you can heal and live your life.

The difference between time and life, is that life finishes and time doesn’t, it simply goes on without you. What memories of you will time carry along with it?

If anything has taken away your peace of mind, your harmony, your joy, come talk to me, heal and transform your life.

My logo reprensents these pillars.

© Tania Wolf

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Tania's Personal Life


Let me summarise a bit of my journey with you for I'd love talking to you.

I currently live in Germany with my better half and our two children. 

We have lived in four continents so far and love learning about people and understanding differences. 

Such experiences strengthen my belief that even though the world is geographically big, everyone has the same goal in life, and that is to be happy and live a good life.

My days are quite intense doing the work that I love, but I make sure I also do other things, every day, that connect me to what brings joy and balance into my life, that integrate my interests, that awaken my why's, and that make me feel fulfilled.

I have many hobbies, including running, photography, reading, connecting to nature, spending quality time with my family (including Joy, our dog who's a member of the family), making accessories, crafting, and traveling.

People change along this living journey. I have also changed, But mostly I transformed myself.

I am more balanced, more centered, so much grateful, and I live life from an uncomplicated perspective. I trust and I have faith in the universe, in God, in my guardian angel, I believe in goodness, and I believe in people.

Also, I have had transformational experiences when working as a volunteer in orphanages, nursery homes, and building homes in Cambodia. I find it hard to express what these experiences represent to me, but they mostly reinforce the true value of who and what matters in life and certainly, not to take life for granted. 

I'd love hearing about you.

What challenges do you face?

What challenges have you learned to overcome?

What are your hobbies?

What has brought you to this page?

I'll love hearing from you and for now, let me tell you how much I appreciate you being here, and I am truly thankful and grateful for your visit to my website and for having read this far.

Sending lots of love your way, Tania.

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